Noto's Old World Italian Dining

Wine Cellar Testimonials

Dinner in the wine cellar of Noto’s Old World Italian Restaurant is more than words can say.  Excellent…I highly recommend you do all your special occasions with the Noto Family. -Connie

My wife and I have eaten upstairs in Noto’s a few times. We’ve always loved the food, the wine and the atmosphere. But to make her 50th birthday (she swears it’s her 29th birthday) a bit more special and memorable, I decided to reserve the wine cellar and the 5 course meal.

It was a wonderful experience. Everything was just right. We ate a lot of wonderful food. But because the Italian way of eating many courses over a longer time frame, we left feeling full but not stuffed. We had the time to talk with one-another, help the master chef cook one of our courses – my wife really liked this part of the dinner – and chat with the owners and waiters. It was a beautiful time in a beautiful setting. In all, we spent about 3.5 to 4 hours enjoying the wine, food and conversation.

If this type of restaurant were located in Chicago, New York or LA it would be full all of the time. We’re lucky to have this type of restaurant in Grand Rapids. Hopefully more people will take advantage of the food, wine and atmosphere! -Kenton